About Us
Since the early 1970's New Beginnings Essex County has been providing a continuum of integrative services including individual, family, specialized school programs, and outreach across service sectors of youth justice, mental health, employment, and education. New Beginnings values every person as unique while promoting growth through individualized, flexible, and collaborative programs and services.

Led by an engaged Board of Directors, New Beginnings Essex County prides itself on delivering inclusive programs and services through a team of 40 dedicated and compassionate staff working in two main locations and satellite offices throughout Windsor Essex. Staff and volunteers create opportunities for prevention and intervention through unique programs, community events, and initiatives designed to maximize potential. New Beginnings delivers services in partnership with a variety of services providers across sectors to provide timely, barrier-fee services.


Stacey Yannacopoulos - Executive Director
Betty Green, Director of Agency Services
Kristin Durham, Co-Ordinator of Attendance Centre and Program Evaluation
Siobhan Pantin, Co-Ordinator of Community Programs and Agency Compliance
RJ Marchant, Co-Ordinator of Supervised Access
Christian Morneau, Co-Ordinator of Clinical Services.