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Youth Opportunities Strategy  assists young people realize and reach their full potential.  We work to help youth learn skills, gain confidence and become connected to the community that they live, learn and play. We have multiple services that may help:
  • Provincial Youth Outreach Worker (PYOW)
  • Youth in Transition Worker
  • Youth Job Connection Program
  • Drop-in Programs
  • Emergency  Food, Clothing, Hygene
  • Music Studio
  • Podcast Studio
Provincial Youth Outreach Worker (PYOW)
PYOWs   work in identified priority neighbourhoods to help youth 12-21 access services and supports in the community to meet their needs and advocate on their behalf. Youth Outreach Workers can help with a variety of issues like finding a job, completing volunteer hours, applying for assistance, finding housing and meeting other basic needs such as clothing, food, and hygiene care. They also provide opportunities and links to events in the community.
Neighbourhoods involved are: 
City Centre - ‘N9A’
University - ‘N9B’
Sandwich Town - ‘N9C’
Forest Glade - ‘N8R/N8T’ (East of Lauzon)
Drouillard – ‘N8Y’
http://www.youthconnect.ca/ - Website providing information and government services for all youth.
To connect with a Youth Outreach Worker please utilize the contact information at the bottom of this page.
Youth in Transition Worker Program
The goal of the Youth in Transition Worker program is to support youth in their successful transition out of the child welfare system into adulthood. The Youth in Transition Worker helps youth to develop and pursue their goals, and supports them to identify, access, and navigate adult service systems relevant to their specific needs. They support youth to connect to existing supports and resources within their communities including, housing supports, education resources, employment services and training, life skills training (e.g. financial management, household management), health and mental health services, and legal services.

The YITW program collaborates with local community agencies to share information about the program as well as to provide knowledgeable referrals for youth to appropriate community services. Services are provided to youth in both community based and drop-in settings with flexible service hours.

We work closely with the Windsor Essex Children’s Aid Society (WECAS) to ensure that youth leaving care know about the Youth in Transition program, and also to help to navigate the referral process.

To connect with a Youth in Transition Worker please utilize the information found at the bottom of this page.
 This  program's goal  is to streamline services for job seekers and employers more efficiently and effectively. New Beginnings' role as the Service Provider is to meet the needs of local job seekers, businesses, and communities through a locally responsive, client-centred, and outcome-focused system.

CAREERWISE strives to improve the outcomes for job seekers to secure sustainable employment and improve outcomes for employers who require skilled workers to thrive. As your Service Provider, we aim to assist jobseekers in finding work, preparing, developing skills, and supporting their journey through their first year of employment. Additionally, we assist our employers in finding workers, enhancing hiring and onboarding processes, delivering skills training, and retention of employees.

CareerWise serves youth aged 15 to 29 who experience multiple and/or complex barriers to employment by providing more intensive supports beyond traditional job search and placement opportunities.
Supports can include:

  • Job matching, with placement supports for participants and employers
  • Mentorship services
  • Education and work transitions supports.
  • Counselling with program social worker
To apply to this program please contact our office for an application form. Once we receive your information we will schedule an appointment with you to determine your eligibility and complete an intake.

If you are interested in becoming an employer with this program please contact our Employment Staff. 

For more information, please contact our Youth Employment Worker (contact information below)

Please check the forms section for a CareerWise    referral form
Contact Information:
Siobhan Pantin
Co-Ordinator of Community Programs and Agency Compliance
(519) 254-2363 x416
Program Manager
Siobhan Pantin
Coordinator of Community Programs and Agency Compliance
519.254.2363 x416
Provincial Youth Outreach Workers (PYOW)
Jaden Chase YOW - Priority Populations
519.254.2363 x411
Callie Mitchell 
YOW - Education & Skills Development
519.254.2363 x420
McKayla Heath
YOW - Events and Activities 
519.254.2363 x419
Celine Knight  YOW-  Community Engagement 519.254.2363
cknight@newbe.ca 519.990.1110
Mahlet Teka YOW- Youth and Family Engagement  519.254.2363 mteka@newbe.ca
Youth In Transition Worker (YITW)
Jeff Kozolanka
Youth In Transition Worker
519.254.2363 x415
Geogina Tsitsas
Youth Employment Worker
519.254.2363 x410
Sieler-Van Every
Youth Employment Worker
519.254.2363 x410
Youth Employment  Experience Program Worker
519.254.2363 x410
Youth Opportunities Strategy (YOS)
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Phone: (519) 254-2363
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