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Specialized Classrooms are provided in partnership at New Beginnings for youth who have unique circumstances, educational needs and requirements. The classrooms offer a variety of therapeutic supports and help each youth transition or re-integrate to another academic program in the community.

Transitions Classroom
Transitions is a standalone section 23 classroom for youth who are on Probation offered in partnership with the Ministry of Children and Youth Services- Youth Justice Division, The Greater Essex County District School Board and New Beginnings servicing 18 youth on Probation.  The Transitions Classroom provides various therapeutic supports based on individual and group needs to support classroom learning.  The program provides an opportunity to earn credits, creates options for co-op and additional educational options. Transitions has a Classroom Therapist to assist on an ongoing basis with student issues and needs.
Referrals, progress review and discharge planning are coordinated and carried out by a Selections Committee consisting of representatives of each partner. Transitions may also accept referrals from the Children’s Aid Society.
Compass Classroom 
The Compass Program is a classroom for up to twelve youth who have been expelled or are at-risk of expulsion from either the Public or Catholic School Board. It is a collaborative partnership between the Greater Essex County District School Board and New Beginnings.  Students who are provided the Compass Class as the program for their expulsion are rendered an individualized plan promoting academic and non-academic supports which will promote their success to complete the program and in their transition back to school.

Connections Program
The New Beginnings Connection program provides a specialized learning environment designed to assist youth with a connection back to their community home schools following a suspension.