Key individuals such as Lou Drouillard, Neil Libby, Joan Legue, Al Gatti and Al Meloche contribute to establishing New Beginnings by property and funding acquisition. New Beginnings moves to Church Street, George Ave, and Crawford Ave. Funding received from Community and Social Services of Ontario, Canada Works Grant, and United Way.
The Young Offender Act replaces Juvenile Delinquent Act.
New Beginnings as a group home closed down. It re-opened as a designated "Open Custody - Phase II" facility, fully funded by the Ministry of Correctional Services. It was located at 866 Rossini Blvd and was named the Neil Libby Residence.
A Secondary School Program opened on location in partnership with the Public School Board.
A new residence was opened - The Butch Collins Residence, at 1049 Janette Avenue. It was not only an Open Custody, but also had Open Detention designation.
Affiliation with the St. Leonard’s Society of Canada ceased.
New Beginnings adopted the program: Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) from Dr. Gregory Little and Dr. Kenneth Robinson of Tennessee, USA.
Provincial alignment of Open Custody Service by restructuring local operations of New Beginnings. Neil Libby Closes.
Neil Libby (866 Rossini Blvd.) re-opens as a Children’s Aid Foster Group Home for males ages 13-18 years.
The Rossini Girl’s Home, a Children’s Aid Foster Group Home for females is opened at 867 Rossini Blvd.
The Youth Criminal Justice Act replaces the Young Offenders Act.
Butch Collins Residence begins "Open Detention" pilot project and commences the program under the YCJA.
The Ministry of Children & Youth Services –Youth Justice Services, provides funding for a pilot project for a Non-Residential Attendance Centre. The agency purchases a building at 1015 Highland Avenue.
Open Custody/Detention Program moves to 1015 Highland Avenue.
A second secondary school program opens on site at 1015 Highland Avenue. The two school programs are renamed New Beginnings I for the open custody/detention youth and New Beginnings II for the Children’s Aid Society Youth from the New Beginnings group homes and referrals from the Windsor Essex Children’s Aid Society.
The New Beginnings main office/building complex, located at 1015 Highland Avenue, is formally dedicated to the Honourable Saul Nosanchuk. The building now named, The Honourable Saul Nosanchuk Building.
New Beginnings purchases 866 and 867 Rossini Blvd. from the Windsor Essex Children’s Aid Society.
Service agreement with Catholic School Board to provide counselling services, through the Attendance Centre Program.
Youth Opportunities Strategy Program moved to 1049 Janette Avenue. Program expanded to include an Employment and Life Skills Worker. The Summer Jobs Program expanded to provide 240 youth summer job positions.
The Compass Classroom for students who are expelled is provided at New Beginnings through partnership with the Greater Essex County District School Board for students from the Public and Catholic School Board.
The Transitions Classroom for youth on probation is piloted through a partnership with the Ministry of Children and Youth Services- Youth Justice Division, the Greater Essex County District School Board and New Beginnings.
New Beginnings begins a Supervised Access and Exchange Program in Windsor and Leamington. The program is named the Windsor Essex Child and Parent Place funded by the Ministry of the Attorney General.
Additional therapeutic programs are added to the Youth Justice programs to include: Art Therapy, Domestic Violence and Trauma programs.
New Beginnings provides focus on outpatient services, phasing out residential group care services.
Youth Opportunities Strategy expands into a fifth priority neighbourhood known as “University”. Services include both Outreach and Jobs For Youth Summer Employment Program.
New Beginnings provides a Youth in Transition Worker offering services to youth exiting the care of Children’s Aid and residing in Windsor.
Introductory Trades Training Program launched at the Youth Opportunities Strategy in partnership with the Canadian Tooling and Machining Association.
Jobs for Youth program phased out across the province. New Beginnings starts delivering the Youth Job Connection program funded through the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development.
Risk Intervention and Prevention Project (RIPP) launched in Windsor with funding through the Ministry of Children and Youth Services Youth Justice Division. Will assist the most acute youth from Windsor, Tecumseh, Belle River, Amherstburg and Lasalle.
Youth Employment Experience Program launched in partnership with the Windsor Essex Children’s Aid Society. Program provides part time jobs to youth in care to gain work experience.
Open Custody and  Dentetion  Facilty   is  phased out due to funding. The  Butch Collins Residence  was an open custody and detention facility funded by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services – Youth Justice Division.
Opening  of Sober Living Residence